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July 06 2019 - South Wilts IV - Home - 1pm


Damerham 172-10 lost to South Wilts IV 208-7 by 36 runs

Rob Porter

Lewis Tapley

Ben Bealey

Henry Gilbert

Si White

Dom Carroll

Ross Tapley

Tom Parry

Sam Giles

Mark Colbourne

Mark Matthews























07 - 1 - 36 - 2

05 - 0 - 29 - 1

04 - 0 - 18 - 1

08 - 0 - 34 - 1

08 - 0 - 35 - 1

03 - 0 - 24 - 0

05 - 0 - 26 - 1

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The visitors from South Wilts IV were of the usual ilk from big clubs – a mixture of older guys who’ve played in the twos and threes, and some talented youngsters, each one of which has probably had more coaching than us lot combined.


They were a pleasant bunch though, and went about the game in good spirits. They got out of the blocks quite quickly and scored well early, despite nearly everything going in the air. Surely it wouldn’t be long until the chances came.


Indeed it wasn’t. We all drop ’em, right? Well not quite ‘all’ today, but most of us had a good go. The first burst through Waz’s hands at point, and I was still hubristically pontificating about it when another one burst through mine at gully two balls later. Eight drops there were in total, some difficult enough to be not really drops (H’s hard and fast rule is if you get a fingertip to it, it’s a drop), and a couple of proper dollies. Sam had a hat trick of drops, but Lewis did a bit of compensation work, with a hat trick of takes.


With the rapid start we feared a really big total north of 250, but taking pace off the ball worked well to stem the flow somewhat, and they only got to 208.


Rob and Lew started steadily again, and Ben had a spirited knock including a massive pulled six nearly in the river, until he fell to one rather less timed. Henry got in and looked in good touch. All the rest of us had to do was stay with him. This we collectively failed to do, and one by one he ran out of partners. Only Waz at the end managed to put all thoughts of shots away and stay with the skipper as he began to rack up sixes, making a doughty 1* in the game’s biggest partnership of 32. The chase was always going to be squeaky, with no room for error, but it was still doable with five overs left, when one came not quite out of the middle and he was caught on the long on rope for 96.




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