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Saturday League

Hampshire Cricket League Regional Division Two North West

June 02 2018 - Over Wallop - Away - 2pm


Damerham 109-5 beat Over Wallop 108-10 by 5 Wickets

Si White

Joel Horne

Hacon Edgley

Henry Gilbert

Tim O'Donnell

Mark Colburne

Alex Pardy

Ross Tapley

Alex Lake

Lewis Tapley

Mark Matthews























04 - 0 - 17 - 2

07 - 1 - 13 - 3

05 - 0 - 17 - 3

04 - 0 - 22 - 1

06 - 0 - 15 - 0

03 - 0 - 19 - 1

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Expressing a contrary opinion on umpiring decisions in a game you are a part of whilst it is in progress is dissent. Sport raises temperatures, and in the heat of the moment our sense of injustice is that much easier to prick. This makes it understandable, if not excusable. There is no excuse.


Expressing a contrary opinion on umpiring decisions in a game you were a part of after the fact is myopic and pointless. It comes across as, and let’s be honst probably is, sour grapes. It can right no wrongs. It assumes that players have a better perspective of events than umpires, and automatically disrespects volunteer officials, without whom the game is demonstrably poorer. No good can come of it.


So let’s not.


It is however perfectly acceptable, in fact traditional, to whinge on about the pig-headed short-sighted lunacy of the overpaid stuffed suits of the MCC and the ECB as much as you like.


In October last year the MCC changed many of the Laws of Cricket. One of them was law 41.7 ‘Bowling of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries’.


The changes mean that there is now only one warning for full tosses above waist height, and that now both slow and fast bowling “will be deemed dangerous and unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker”. The full law is here if you’re interested. This means that two rank full tosses can see any bowler at any level suspended.


Applied to highly skilled professional cricketers bowling beamers way in excess of motorway speeds easily capable of breaking bones, it seems perfectly reasonable. Applied equally to village cricketers bowling filthy full tosses well within urban speed limits easily swatted away by even the least competent batsmen, it seems utterly ludicrous.


The Hampshire Cricket League were told by the ECB that they are at liberty to ignore or amend Law 41.7 for league cricket (as they do with others – ball bouncing more than twice being a prime example) but warned that the league would be liable if a player was injured by a bowler delivering a third beamer. They have therefore decided that, though they publicly declared at the AGM that they consider it ridiculous, and have written to the ECB asking them to reconsider it for slow bowling in recreational cricket, in the meantime they cannot afford to ignore it and must enforce it.


And so it came to pass that on 2 June 2018, the vicious outlaw and renowned purveyor of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries, Mr Mark Matthews, became the first Damerham player to fall victim to the myopic and pointless Law 41.7, and be suspended and immediately removed from the attack for bowling a filthy full toss that got smacked into the adjacent field.


We bowled first (H on an unprecedented four toss wins out of four) on a sticky dog in a large outfield, and despite the dangerous criminal in our midst, bowled our hosts out for 108. The lion’s share of the chase was a 60 partnership between Hakey and Tim, which saw us to within five of the total. A workmanlike five wicket win that places us squarely in the middle of the table, and gifts Waz an unlikely war story.


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