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June 29 2019 - Laverstock & Ford - Home - 12:30pm


Damerham 145-10 lost to Laverstock & Ford 146-3 by 7 wickets

Rob Porter

Lewis Tapley

Ben Bealey

Henry Gilbert

Hacon Edgley

Alex Pardy

James Vincent

Si White

Mark Colbourne

Mark Matthews

Victor Parkin























03 - 0 - 12 - 1

06 - 1 - 31 - 0

04 - 0 - 17 - 0

08 - 0 - 41 - 1

06 - 0 - 38 - 1

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It says something heart-warming about our little village cricket club that the week after we are somewhat embarrassingly dismissed for 16, we have way too many people wanting to play. For the first time in a very long time we had selection issues, and could almost have put two sides out this Saturday.


What we needed this week was a decent game of cricket. By which I really mean one that lasts for an appropriate amount of time and involves an appropriate amount of runs – ie more than 16 – and so actually feels like a game.


This week saw the return of a couple of DCC stalwarts. Ben is back from his educational dalliances oop narth, and will be adding some class as well as tiggerish enthusiasm to proceedings for hopefully at least the rest of the season. A week off from hard labour on the underwear markets of the south also graced us with a one-time-only appearance from Zimmy and his interminable overs. It was entertaining to have both of them back. Watching Zim mark out his run for the 17th time felt nostalgically pre Tr**p and Br***t. Simpler times.


Due to the unmitigated disaster our top order has made of being either top, or in any sort of order, a cabinet reshuffle was deployed.


Rob & Lew did a steady job of us not being nothing for three. Ben got himself into the year’s top five without even getting to 50 (a stark indication of our collective paucity of form) and we were looking pretty decent at 143-5 in the 33rd. Two overs later our Village Cricketers Benevolent Society Good Works Dept had swung into action and made someone else’s weekend with a hat trick, and we were all out for 145.


Laverstock & Ford are not a new side so much as a revived one. They started up again a few years ago and have zipped through the HCL regional divisions, looking likely to be headed up to County 4 next season, provided their grass wicket is ready.


They are a vocal bunch, but not aggressively so. Winterbourne recently coined their brand of constant drivel in the field ‘shanter’, a conflation of ‘shit banter’, which they themselves have gleefully adopted, to the extent that when it dips, they encourage each other with cries to ‘keep up the shanter’.


They’re a strong batting side though, and despite a couple of early wickets and a few spilled and missed chances, the chase never wavered far from assured, and they got there in the 26th.


We lost, sure, but it was at least a half decent game of cricket, and the roaring ignominy of 16 all out is gradually receding into a background hum.



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