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August 31 2019 - Cadnam II - Away - 1pm


Damerham 84-10 lost to Cadnam 85-0 by 10 wickets

Si White

Alex Pardy

Lewis Tapley

Henry Gilbert

Jude Carroll

Hacon Edgley

Rob Porter

Ben Colbourne

Mark Colburne

Ross Tapley

Dave Colbourne























04 - 0 - 14 - 0

08 - 2 - 21 - 0

04 - 1 - 37 - 0

01 - 0 - 05 - 0

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The third Ashes Test at Headingly last week had a lot of lessons in it. The endlessly rewatchable and still scarcely credible Stokes and Leach climax is one of those hard bitten, over-my-dead-body acts of defiance, belief, patience, skill and bloody minded determination that sport throws up every now and again, to remind us that the wildly implausible is still actually possible.


The opposite lesson is also available in the same game. With everything in their favour, the best of conditions and no scoreboard pressure, it is really quite tediously predictable for the same 11 blokes to play in a way so brainless, so devoid of strategy and intent, that you can hardly believe they were even trying. You need the lows to give the highs context, right?


If we’re honest, our last game of the season had a lot more in common with England’s first innings at Headingly than their second. Going in to this game, we knew it was possible that losing it badly could mean relegation, even though it was much more likely that the loser of Godshill vs Amport would go down. And this is indeed what happened in the end, and our disappointing final game made no difference. But it would have been nice to celebrate staying up – a decent achievement, in a better standard league – in a slightly more positive manner.


Along with the ducks, poor shots, dropped catches and a brainless run out, there were a few positives. Mark Colbourne finally made some runs in a punchy cameo (can it be a cameo if it’s the top score?) of a stripe that used to be pretty familiar, and Rob and Tappers put up a bit of resistance for a while. Hakey bowled well in pursuit of Rob’s leading wickets crown, but it was not to be, and they knocked off the modest total without loss.


So Rob ends the year as the DCC leading wicket taker, thanks in no small part to his club record 6-3 a few weeks back. Henry, despite a slightly disappointing finish himself, takes the batting stats with another club record 678 runs.


It’s telling that H wasn’t ala million miles off making more runs than the rest of us combined. Ben’s late arrival 234 from 5 innings was a vital contribution that probably helped us stay up. The message is clear: we need more runs. So it’s naughty-boy-nets all winter for everyone except those two. Happy Christmas.


(PS there are September friendlies – bug Pards for details)



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