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August 24 2019 - Broughton - Home - 1pm


Damerham 70-10 lost to Broughton 232-10 by 162 runs

Si White

Joel Horne

Lewis Tapley

Henry Gilbert

Jude Carroll

Alex Pardy

Ben Colbourne

Dom Carroll

Dave Colbourne

Rob Porter

Ross Tapley























05 - 0 - 20 - 0

07 - 0 - 26 - 2

08 - 1 - 59 - 1

05 - 0 - 48 - 0

08 - 1 - 68 - 2

06 - 4 - 06 - 3

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Broughton had two quality cricketers, one larger than life, the other hitting some larger than life sixes. They shared a stand that took them from 50 to 217 and were the only notable scorers in their 231. If it wasn’t the hottest day of the year it was pretty close, and if it wasn’t the longest three hours in the field, we all needed a shave afterwards. Even Ben. Felt like at least six hours of chasing leather in the dessert sun and rootling around in a jungle of stinging nettles for balls. We lost twice as many this game than the rest of the year combined.


There were some highlights amid the carnage: by cunningly bowling (very well indeed, it has to be said) only at the top and the death, Tappers conjured standout figures of 6.2-4-6-3. Joel conceded no byes, Rob became the new leading wicket taker, and Lewis went out on his own in the catches column.


It was a decent deck that didn’t do an awful lot, and 230 didn’t seem unreachable if we got off to a decent start, especially considering they only had nine. But nine proved plenty. And we did get off to a decent-ish start, but only a very tiny one (looking good at 30-0) after which the wheels flew off (not so good at 34-4). Only Dave Colbourne delayed the demise with some belligerent resistance, but we got nowhere near and never really looked like it.


The casual observer may have been forgiven for assuming we all just wanted a nice sit down after 12 hours chasing leather in Death Valley.


And so to the final league game. Next week we play Cadnam II at Cadnam. They are 13th and we are 12th (or will be when the result goes up). Durnford and Paultons are already down, and those most likely to join them are either Andover in 14th (who have Laverstock), Godshill or Amport in 15th & 16th, who play each other. One of those three is most likely, but we are not mathematically safe, and nor are Cadnam. Worst case scenario: if Godshill were to lose with maximum 12 points (all wickets and 200+ runs), we would need six points to be safe. If Godshill thump Amport we’re fine. (Come on Clive, you owe us that.) An added little potential fly in our ointment is that Cadnam ones are safely 7th in County 3, and can’t go up or down, so they may decide to bolster their twos with a few first team players to help ensure their survival. Who knows. If all games are rained off, we’re safe. If some are rained off and some aren’t, the permutations are almost as complicated and varied as the weather itself. Win, we’re definitely safe. Lose badly, and our fate will be in the hands of others.




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